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Amy Burzinski

Any great change for the better begins with one small but courageous step. — Amy

Amy Burzinski is a licensed clinical social worker. Over the past two decades Amy has worked with individuals and families affected by bullying, domestic violence, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. Amy regularly provides trainings to mental health professionals, educators and administrators on bullying prevention, child abuse, domestic violence, stress management and critical incident stress debriefings. She provides workshops on topics which include bullying prevention, character education, trauma and stress.

Amy currently works as a school and group counselor at schools and summer camps, where she develops and facilitates groups for students and faculty. She also teaches college courses at several universities. Additionally, Amy travels the United States, from New York to Los Angeles, providing customized bullying prevention seminars, trainings, workshops and interventions.

Amy also provides seminars on stress management, child abuse, and domestic violence.

To set up a training or consultation in your area, please contact amyburzinski@gmail.com.

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