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main site layout and design page layout adapted from designs by matthew james taylor.

main navigation menu adapted from a design by, again, matthew james taylor.

sidebar navigation menu adapted from a design by claire campbell.

cufón javascript by cufón for the people.

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jquery font resizer by drew douglass (many thanks for drew’s help in revamping his original code to work on this site).

min/max width fix for ie by paul o’brien.

search form javascript by jeremy keith.

png/ie6 “supersleight” transparency from drew mclellan.

icons from mark james’s silk collection.

stock photos from freefoto, morguefile, photoxpress, and stock.xchng. all photos free to use in the public domain.

drop shadow (text) designed by sergio villarreal for a list apart.

hcard image from chris messina.

eclipse graphic from nasa.

gradient images created by dynamic drive.

html and css valid.

thanks to the folks at the sitepoint forums for their invaluable help in making this design function properly, particularly ralph mason, alex dawson, and maleika esther attawel. all errors and flaws are, of course, mine, and not theirs.



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